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inc. gauge Business Benchmarking Tool (click here for the latest version)

Business owners and non-profit organizations may quickly evaluate their Key Performance Indicators and how they compare to up to 50,000 other financial records using this FREE, confidential analysis tool.

Benchmarking: a critical piece

What is inc. gauge? An easy to use online business Benchmarking tool. Within minutes, you can see how well your company is performing as it calculates all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), AND provides a Benchmarking indicator for each KPI vs. a current data base of up to 50,000 financials of a leading benchmarking firm.

Why should I use inc. gauge? Like weighing yourself as part of managing your personal health, this tool helps evaluate the health of a business. When we weigh ourselves, it gives us a good indicator of where we stand now compared to both the past AND where we want to to get. We can also look at charts of others that are the same age, height, build and sex to see how we are fairing in our own group. . . inc. gauge helps paint your financial heath picture.

How do I use inc. gauge? Simply enter your income statement and balance sheet data -- the calculations appear automatically. It is recommended that you review the results with a professional.
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