Introduction to inc. gauge (Updated 6/3/09)

Business owners and non-profit organizations may quickly evaluate their Key Performance Indicators and how they compare to up to 50,000 other financial records using this FREE, confidential analysis tool.

inc. gauge screen shot (click here)

(Start up takes several seconds.)

Requirements for using inc. gauge

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (free download - usually installed).

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components (free download - usually already installed). First time users should allow the ActiveX add-in to load, or click here to download from Microsoft if needed.

  • Firefox users can now try the IE Tab add-on, recommended by Firefox's parent, Mozilla (it may work, but use at your discretion).

How to use inc. gauge

  • Simply enter (whole) numbers and calculations are automatic. Click here to see a screen shot of inc gauge.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about inc gauge

  1. Are detailed, case specific statistics and or reports available?
    Yes. Click here to see samples.

  2. Where did inc gauge's data come from?
    The benchmarking industry leader with permission (updated daily).

inc. gauge free use version online tool. Copyright 2006 - 2008 Steven Battilana.


inc. gauge Uses


Business Owners

Compare your Key Performance Indicators against Benchmark Averages.

With an Advisor

It is good practice to consult with a competent professional to properly interpret these results and options to address problems and opportunities.


As a learning tool.

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